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Laravel Totem

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Manage your Laravel Schedule from a pretty dashboard. Schedule your Laravel Console Commands to your liking. Enable/Disable scheduled tasks on the fly without going back to your code again.


Compatiblity Matrix

Laravel Totem
11.x 11.x
10.x 10.x
9.x 9.x
8.x 8.x
7.x 7.x
6.x 6.x
5.8 5.x
5.7 4.x
5.6 3.x
5.5 2.x
5.4 1.x


Totem requires Laravel v5.4 and above, please refer to the above table for compatability. Use composer to install totem to your Laravel project

composer require studio/laravel-totem

Laravel Totem supports auto package discovery for Laravel v5.5+, therefore service provider registration is not required in Laravel v5.5+

Add TotemServiceProvider to the providers array of your Laravel v5.4 application's config/app.php


Once Laravel Totem is installed & registered,

  • Run the migration
php artisan migrate
  • Publish Totem assets to your public folder using the following command
php artisan totem:assets
Table Prefix

Totems' tables use generic names which may conflict with existing tables in a project. To alleviate this the .env param TOTEM_TABLE_PREFIX can be set which will apply a prefix to all of Totems tables and their models.


Please republish totem assets after updating totem to a new version

php artisan totem:assets


Cron Job

This package assumes that you have a good understanding of Laravel's Task Scheduling and Laravel Console Commands. Before any of this works please make sure you have a cron running as follows:

* * * * * php /path-to-your-project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1
Web Dashboard

Laravel Totem's dashboard is inspired by Laravel Horizon. Just like Horizon you can configure authentication to Totem's dashboard. Add the following to the boot method of your AppServiceProvider or wherever you might seem fit.

use Studio\Totem\Totem;

Totem::auth(function($request) {
    // return true / false . For e.g.
    return Auth::check();

By default Totem's dashboard only works in local environment. To view the dashboard point your browser to /totem of your app. For e.g.

Filter Commands Dropdown

By default Totem outputs all Artisan commands on the Create/Edit tasks. To make this dropdown more concise there is a filter config feature that can be set in the totem.php config file.

Example filters

'artisan' => [
    'command_filter' => [

This feature uses fnmatch syntax to filter displayed commands. stats:* will match all Artisan commands that start with stats: while email:daily-reports will only match the command named email:daily-reports.

This filter can be used as either a whitelist or a blacklist. By default it acts as a whitelist but an option flag can be set to instead act as a blacklist.

'artisan' => [
    'command_filter' => [
    'whitelist' => true,

If the value of whitelist is false then the filter acts as a blacklist.

'whitelist' => false


Laravel Totem uses the default web and api middleware but if customization is required the middleware can be changed by setting the appropriate .env value. These values can be found in config/totem.php.

Making Commands available in Laravel Totem

All artisan commands can be scheduled. If you want to hide a command from Totem make sure you have the hidden attribute set to true in your command. For e.g.

protected $hidden = true;

From L5.5 onwards all commands are auto registered, so this wouldn't be a problem.

Command Parameters

If your command requires arguments or options please use the optional command parameters field. You can provide parameters to your command as a string in the following manner

name=john.doe --greetings='Welcome to the new world'

In the example above, name is an argument while greetings is an option

Console Command

In addition to the dashboard, Totem provides an artisan command to view a list of scheduled task.

php artisan schedule:list


Task List

Task List

Task Details

Task List

Edit Task

Task List

Artisan Command to view scheduled tasks

Task List


Important versions listed below. Refer to the Changelog for a full history of the project.


Bug reports, feature requests, and pull requests can be submitted by following our Contribution Guide.

Contributing & Protocols


This software is released under the MIT License.

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