Stubbles Input enables to handle input data via validation and filtering.

v6.0.0 2016-06-12 12:54 UTC


One of the most common task in applications is to read, validate and filter input data. stubbles/input provides means to do exactly that, by providing a Request API in order to validate and filter input values.

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stubbles/input is distributed as Composer package. To install it as a dependency of your package use the following command:

composer require "stubbles/input": "^6.0"


stubbles/input requires at least PHP 5.6.

Request parameters

The Request API provides access to request parameters in different ways:


Returns a list of all parameter names.


Returns a list of all parameter errors that occurred during filtering single request parameters.


Checks if a parameter with the given name is present in the current request.


Returns a value validator with methods that can be used to check if the parameter with the given name is valid.

See validate parameters details.


Returns a value reader that can be used to read the parameter with the given name. In case the parameter does not exist the reader will return null.

See read parameters details.