A Composer package that allows you to install or update Yii2 without Bower-Asset

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Yii2 Composer Bower Skip

A Composer package that allows you to install or update Yii2 without Bower-Asset.

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1. Prevent the error of Bower packages when using Composer install & update for Yii2

Problem 1

- yiisoft/yii2 2.0.12 requires bower-asset/jquery 2.2.@stable | 2.1.@stable | 1.11.@stable | 1.12.@stable -> no matching package found.

2. Skip Bower packages installation or update, No fxp/composer-asset-plugin needed

Bower packages are not original Packagist source from Composer, so it will cause error when you install or update Bower without a plugin. After requiring this package, Bower packages will not be required or updated, which you will keep the current version of Bower or even no Bower in the project vendor.

If you are using Yii2 Bower, the recommended way is using yidas/yii2-bower-asset which could install or update Bower for Yii2 without plugin.


In Yii2 composer.json, require yidas/yii2-composer-bower-skip before yiisoft/yii2.

Example composer.json:

"require": {
    "php": ">=5.4.0",
    "yidas/yii2-composer-bower-skip": "~2.0.5",
    "yiisoft/yii2": "~2.0.5",
    "yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap": "~2.0.0"

After that, you can run composer update or composer install without handling Bower-Asset.


If you doesn't has Yii2 project yet, choose one of below ways to create:

Create Project via Composer

You can use Composer to create Yii2 project by using following package:


composer create-project --prefer-dist yidas/yii2-app-basic


composer create-project --prefer-dist yidas/yii2-app-advanced

These packages are Yii 2 Application Template with fixed Bower, which including yidas/yii2-bower-asset already.

Creating Project from Official Site

You could download Yii2 project from official Archive File, then manally install yii2-composer-bower-skip on it by following above instruction.


Still Stuck when Composer Update

If you still get trouble with Bower after install this package, try to delete composer.lock file and make sure the asset plugin is disabled:

composer global remove fxp/composer-asset-plugin
composer update

Keep Current Bower

If you still want to keep vendor\bower, you could set reverse Git-ignore for that folder:

# composer vendor dir

For example, you may lose Bower vendor after the project is pushed to Git server then re-install Composer from the clone one.

If you want keep whole vendor ignored, you could take a look for yidas/yii2-bower-asset which support auto-install for Bower.


This solution is for the situation that you won't require or update Bower asset of Yii2 for development such as using yii2-debug and yii2-gii.

If you are using Yii2 Bower, there are some smooth ways to require or update Bower for Yii2:

Yii2 Bower Asset Package

yidas/yii2-bower-asset goals to install Bower for Yii2 app by original Composer repository, and makes Bower and Composer separated.

This is the recommended way to handle Bower with Yii2.

Asset-Packagist Solution

Asset-Packagist is the new solution of Yii2, you may install Bower smoothly in Yii2 with new version until release.