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Symfony 2 Bundle for Lista Firme Romanian API

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v3.2.5 2019-11-13 13:50 UTC


Symfony 2 Bundle for Lista Firme API, Ministerul de Finante, si

!!! Din 15.09.2016 este necesar sa aveti un apiKey pentru openAPI. Pentru detalii inregistrati-va pe

Daca folositi OpenAPI si cumva se depaseste limita de interogari se va folosi automat varianta legacy!

1. Installation:

Add this to composer.json

"stev/lista-firme-bundle": "2.0"

Add this in app/AppKernel.php

new Stev\ListaFirmeBundle\StevListaFirmeBundle()

Add this in app/config.yml

    cifChecker: mFin/anaf/openApi/listaFirme
    username: demo
    password: demo
    offline: false
    enabled: yes
    #pathToPhantom is needed if you choose mFin as cifChecker
    pathToPhantom: path/to/bin/phantomjs'
    #apiKey is needed only if you work with open starting from 15.09.2016
    apiKey: your-api-key

Possible options for cifChecker are listaFirme, mFin, openApi and anaf.

If you want to use Finance Ministry API you must add this to your composer.json

"post-install-cmd": [
"post-update-cmd": [

2. Usage

/* @var $listaFirme \Stev\ListaFirmeBundle\Lib\ListaFirme */
    $listaFirme = $this->get('stev.lista_firme');
    $response = $listaFirme->checkCompanyByCUI($cui);

Lista Firme API documentation can be found at

Finance Ministry API can be found

OpenAPI documentation can be found at