Code sniffing rules for StellarWP

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StellarWP Coding Standards for PHP CodeSniffer

StellarWP coding standards uses a combination of:

  • Generic (part of PHP_CodeSniffer)
  • PEAR (part of PHP_CodeSniffer)
  • PSR2 (part of PHP_CodeSniffer)
  • Squiz (part of PHP_CodeSniffer)
  • Zend (part of PHP_CodeSniffer)
  • Custom sniffs (a few based on WordPress)


Make sure that the command phpcs is on version 3.4.2+. In order to install it on that specifc version globally you can use:

composer global require "squizlabs/php_codesniffer=3.4.2"

Setup on PHPStorm

You can follow this guide the only step you can replace is the one on Installing via Composer by the one above to install the 3.4.2 version instead.

Example Usage via phpcs.xml File

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="StellarWP Coding Standards">
    <rule ref="WordPress-VIP-Go"/>
    <rule ref="WordPress-Docs">
    <rule ref="WordPress">
        <exclude name="WordPress.Files.FileName"/>
        <exclude name="Generic.Arrays.DisallowShortArraySyntax"/>
    <rule ref="StellarWP"/>
    <!--exclude the rule for violation of direct DB calls as some have no alternative-->
    <rule ref="WordPress.DB.DirectDatabaseQuery">