PHP Wrapper for the Becosoft Fashionpro NL API

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Becosoft Fashionpro NL PHP API Wrapper

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This package provides a simple PHP Wrapper around the Becosoft Fashionpro API:

Please note:

  • The endpoints are in Dutch. An English API is not yet available.
  • The entities provided in this package written as used in the API, all other code is English based.


  • PHP >= 5.5


composer require stefandoorn/becosoft-fashionpro-nl-php-api


Create wrapper instance

 * Api constructor.
 * @param GatewayInterface $gateway
public function __construct(GatewayInterface $gateway)

Quick start:

$gateway = GatewayFactory::get('apiKey', $debug = true);
$api = new Api($gateway);

The API allows you to insert your own Gateway. The default Gateway (from the factory) uses a Guzzle instance for the API communication and a NullLogger instance for logging (no logging). Supply your own logger to make sure logging is possible. If needed, also supply your own gateway implementation.

GET items

  • Use get on an entity to push a single GET request using the optional filters you specify. Refer to the API documentation which filters you can use per entity.
  • Use getAll on an entity to get all items that adhere to your filter. The wrapper takes care of sending enough requests to fetch all items (using the take/skip parameters) in batches of 50 items.


Load Articles

$gateway = GatewayFactory::get('apiKey', $debug = true);
$api = new Api($gateway);
$entity = new Artikel($this->api);

$allArticles = $entity->getAll();

Load Articles with a filter

$gateway = GatewayFactory::get('apiKey', $debug = true);
$api = new Api($gateway);

$allArticles = $entity->getAll([
    'brand' => $brand,
    'internetPublished' => 'true',

POST items

  • Use post on an entity to push a single item to Becosoft


POST Weborder

$gateway = GatewayFactory::get('apiKey', $debug = true);
$api = new Api($gateway);
$entity = new BecosoftApi\Entity\Weborder($this->api);

$weborder = new BecosoftApi\Model\Weborder;
$weborder->WeborderId = 1;

$result = $entity->post($weborder->toJson();

Currently you have to insert a JSON object yourself, which gives flexibility. The Weborder model is simply a helper model to make sure you insert fields with the correct name.