A simple way to publish assets directly to S3, in CI or elsewhere

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Publishing your assets to S3 has never been easier!1

Four steps:

  1. composer require stechstudio/publish-s3-assets
  2. Set your desired bucket URL as your ASSET_URL
  3. Add ASSET_AWS_DEFAULT_REGION (defaults to AWS_DEFAULT_REGION) and ASSET_AWS_BUCKET to your .env, pointed at the bucket you want to publish your assets to.
  4. Run php artisan assets:publish.

If you just wanted to publish everything in public, you're done!

But what if I want...

... to publish specific folders?

Pass them as a comma-separated list to assets:publish, like so:

php artisan assets:publish public/build/assets,public/vendor,public/css/filament,public/js/filament

That will publish only what's found in those folders, recursively.

... to rename those folders in s3?

First, ask yourself: Do you really want to? If you just want to change public/build/assets to build/assets, see --strip-public below.


php artisan assets:publish some/original/path:its/new/path

... to remove public from the beginning of each asset?

php artisan assets:publish --strip-public

With that, public/build/assets locally becomes build/assets in your bucket, and so on.

... to remove any files that don't exist?

php artisan assets:publish --clean

It gets all of your destinations (such as public/build/assets), then deletes them and their contents before uploading the new files.


  1. Claim neither benchmarked nor proven, but we like it!