Static site generator compatible with any jekyll site

0.5.8 2019-05-28 19:42 UTC


A static site generator in PHP that can work with any existing jekyll site and get the same results.

That is the end goal anyway.


For install and usage documentation, please see the documentation


Build Status

  • Works with the Jekyll Documentation site, and many Jekyll themes
  • Generates all defined collections, including custom defined collections in _config.yml
  • Paginates posts and saves paginated post to the correct places
  • Plugin architecture based on Symfony events
  • scss file conversion (you need scss to be in your $PATH)
  • Code highlighting with pygments (you need pygments to be in your $PATH)


  • Not entirely completely compatible with jekyll, most notably with the lack of liquid filters (Work in progress)
  • Slower than Jekyll on the first run, especially if you highlight your code with {% highlight %} blocks or have many scss/sass files.


  • Try Stati with your site and let me know what fails by opening an issue here.
  • Create or port some plugins

Why that name?

Because static turns out to be a reserved word in PHP. Who would've thought ?