Statamic CLI Tool

3.2.0 2024-05-10 18:31 UTC


🌴 Install and manage your Statamic projects from the command line.

Installing the CLI tool

composer global require statamic/cli

Make sure to place Composer's system-wide vendor bin directory in your $PATH so the statamic executable can be located by your system. Here's how.

Once installed, you should be able to run statamic {command name} from within any directory.

GitHub authentication

When you install starter kits, the CLI might present you with a warning that the GitHub API limit is reached. Generate a Personal acces token and paste it in your terminal with this command so Composer will save it for future use:

composer config --global --auth [your_token_here]

Read more on this in the Composer Docs.

Updating the CLI tool

composer global update statamic/cli

Run this command to update the CLI tool to the most recent published version. If there's been a major version release, you may need to run require instead of update.

Using the CLI tool

Installing Statamic

You may create a new Statamic site with the new command:

statamic new my-site

This will present you with a list of supported starter kits to select from. Upon selection, the latest version will be downloaded and installed into the my-site directory.

You may also pass an explicit starter kit repo if you wish to skip the selection prompt:

statamic new my-site statamic/starter-kit-cool-writings

Checking Statamic versions

From within an existing Statamic project root directory, you may run the following command to quickly find out which version is being used.

statamic version

Updating Statamic

From within an existing Statamic project root directory, you may use the following command to update to the latest version.

statamic update

This is just syntactic sugar for the composer update statamic/cms --with-dependencies command.