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0.2.1 2023-12-13 12:27 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-26 19:48:01 UTC


simple contributions statistics generator

  • generates a list of merged pull requests in public repositories
  • generates a list of issues, these pull requests addressed
  • generates a count of user reactions on these pull requests and issues
  • takes referenced issues into account event for PRs not targeted to the default branch

the result is grouped by repository

Setup / Run

  • composer global require staabm/oss-contribs
  • run oss-contribs on your console
    • or use php bin/oss-contribs from within the projects folder, in case global composer binaries are not on your PATH

On first run the tool will ask you for an api token.

On any subsequent run you only need to enter a username and a year you want to get the statistics for.

Example output

> oss-contribs | tee myresults.txt

  1 Pull Request(s)
    #3 - Syntax highlighting

  1 Pull Request(s)
    #6 - use more precise phpdoc

  1 Pull Request(s)
    #112 - fix copy/paste issue in FixArgumentDefaultValuesNotMatchingTypeRector

  6 Pull Request(s)
    #23 - Revert "drop nette/utils dependency (#21)"
    #22 - Fixed reading of *.twig files recursively
    #21 - drop nette/utils dependency
    #20 - Drop symfony/finder dependency
    #10 - added failling test
    #2 - remove tool config files from release artifacts
  1 Fixed Issue(s)
    #17 - relax symfony constraint


@staabm contributed to 66 open-source projects on in 2023
  693 merged Pull Request(s) - fixing 90 reported Issue(s) - addressing 12 Reaction(s)

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