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  • About EzContent
  • Key features
  • Drupal 8 Installation
  • Drupal 9 Installation
  • Recommendation

About EzContent

EzContent is a Drupal installation profile that addresses common content management pain points and accelerates CMS implementations.


Key Features

  • Rich Component Library:

    Rich library of commonly used components, available both as paragraphs and custom block types.

  • SEO-friendly content creation:

    SEO friendly modules such as real-time on-page SEO, metatags,, XML sitemap, and automatic url alias are pre-configured to increase your content visibility on the web from Day 1. Common SEO features are logically grouped for an enhanced editorial interface.

  • Decoupled support don't comprise on nonnegotiable CMS features:

    When used in a decoupled setup, EzContent allows enterprises to painlessly create interactive UIs with the choice of their frontend frameworks without whittling away non-negotiable features such as:

    1. Preview unpublished content in de-coupled front-ends
    2. Use Drupal's layout builder to create landing pages with de-coupled front-ends. If you want to use EzContent as a pure de-coupled implementation, see EzContent API for more details and links to Angular, Gatsby and Nextjs starter kits.
  • AI-generated content:

    Powered by Srijan AI services and Amazon Rekognition, some of the capabilities include AI-based image captioning, image tagging, smart content tagging and automatic text generation tools.

Drupal 8 Installation

EzContent can be installed in two ways:

Via Drupal Composer

  • Choose a name for your project, like “MY_PROJECT”
  • Use the given command to create the project
  • The command will download Drupal core along with necessary modules, EzContent profile, and all other dependencies necessary for the project
composer create-project srijanone/ezcontent-project
MY_PROJECT --no-interaction 

In case you come across any memory issues, run this command -

php -d memory_limit=-1 /path/to/composer.phar create-project 
srijanone/ezcontent-project MY_PROJECT --no-interaction 

Via Acquia BLT

To create a new Acquia BLT project using Ez content, use the following commands -

composer create-project --no-interaction acquia/blt-project MY_PROJECT;
composer require srijanone/ezcontent:^1.0;


There may be updates to BLT, Lightning which may break the setup. If you see any issue, please open a new issue in the issue queue.

Drupal 9 Installation

Via Drupal Composer

composer create-project srijanone/ezcontent-project:9.x-dev
MY_PROJECT --no-interaction 

Via Acquia BLT

composer create-project --no-interaction acquia/drupal-recommended-project
composer require srijanone/ezcontent:9.x-dev;

Demo Setup

Please use the following single command installer to setup a demo site. Please refer EzContent Demo package to know more about this.

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer create-project 
srijanone/ezcontent-project:dev-demo ezcontent-demo --no-interaction;

Currently ezcontent_demo module is a bit heavy which requires extra memory to complete its installation via installation user interface, we recommend you to install this module via drush or try installing its sub module one by one to distribute the load. Drush command :

drush en -y ezcontent_demo