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This package provides a set of Rules for Laravel 8 that are mainly useful to validate Portuguese ... stuff .... such as NIFs and CCs.


Via Composer

$ composer require square-bit/laravel-pt-rules


Just like any other validation rule, simply add the desired class to the list of rules. Example:

return Validator::make($data, [
    'nif' => ['required', new NIF()],

Available rules

Class Description
NIF Checks if the input is a valid Portuguese Fiscal ID number. Accepts both with and without the country preffix, ex: '123456789' or 'PT123456789'
BI Checks if the input is a valid Portuguese Identification Card number. (requires the entire number, including the last digit)
CC Checks if the input is a valid Portuguese Citizen Card number. (requires the full number, ex: "12233456 7 ZZ0")

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