Spryker Architecture Sniffer


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Architecture Sniffer for Spryker core, eco-system and applications.

Priority Levels

  • 1: API and critical
  • 2: Non critical (nice to have)
  • 3: Experimental (inspected code needs further fixing)

We use and recommend minimum priority 2 by default for local and CI checks.

Note: Lower priorities (higher numbers) always include the higher priorities (lower numbers).


Make sure you include the sniffer as require-dev dependency:

composer require --dev spryker/architecture-sniffer

Spryker Usage

When using Spryker you can use the Spryker CLI console command for it:

console code:sniff:architecture [-m ModuleName] [optional-sub-path] -v [-p priority]

Verbose output is recommended here.

Manual Usage

You can also manually run the Architecture Sniffer from console by using:

vendor/bin/phpmd src/Pyz/ (xml|text|html) vendor/spryker/architecture-sniffer/src/ruleset.xml --minimumpriority=2

Note: Lower priorities always include the higher priorities in the validation process.

Including the sniffer in PHPStorm

Add a new custom ruleset under Editor -> Inspections -> PHP -> PHP Mess Detector validation. Name it Architecture Sniffer for example.

The customer ruleset is defined in vendor/spryker/architecture-sniffer/src/ruleset.xml

Check Mess Detector Settings

Under Framework & Languages -> PHP -> Mess Detector you need to define the configuration and set the path to your phpmd (vendor/bin/phpmd). Use local and run Validate to see if it works.

Writing new sniffs

Add them to inside src folder and add tests in tests with the same folder structure. Don't forget to update ruleset.xml.

Every sniff needs a description as full sentence:

    protected const RULE = 'Every Foo needs Bar.';

     * @return string
    public function getDescription(): string
        return static::RULE;

Every sniff needs to implement either the ClassAware, FunctionAware, InterfaceAware, or MethodAware interface to be recognised. To validate that sniffer recognises your rule, check if your rule is listed in Zed UI > Maintenance > Architecture sniffer.

Also note:

  • The rule names must be unique across the rulesets.
  • Each rule should contain only one "check".
  • Each rule always outputs also the reason (violation), not just the occurrence.





php composer.phar install


Don't forget to test your changes:

php phpunit.phar

Running code-sniffer on this project

Make sure this repository is Spryker coding standard conform:

php composer.phar cs-check

If you want to fix the fixable errors, use

php composer.phar cs-fix

Once everything is green you can make a PR with your changes.