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Brancho is a tool that helps to create branches with a defined naming convention. It is also capable of committing your changes.


It is recommended that you install Brancho globally:

composer global require spryker-sdk/brancho

If you want it in your project go into your project folder and run:

composer require spryker-sdk/brancho --dev

Add brancho to executable path

export PATH=/path/to/vendor/bin

On Ubuntu 20.04 the path should be ~/.config/composer/vendor/bin


After the installation you will need to configure brancho. The default configuration file is named .brancho. You basically only need to define the resolver that should be used.

resolver: \Full\Qualified\ClassName

You can also configure filters here, or you add the required filters to your resolver.

Additionally you can have a .brancho.local that holds configurations only needed by you e.g. credentials.


Brancho offers the following commands:

  • brancho branch - to create a branch.
  • brancho commit - to commit changes.

You can use -h for both commands to get more information about their usage.

Command alias

You should create aliases for both commands to make them even more easy to use.


  • alias bb=brancho branch
  • alias bc=brancho commit
  • alias bca=brancho commit -a


Resolvers are used to resolve branch names. A resolver can receive information from anywhere. To build your own resolver you need to implement the \Brancho\Resolver\ResolverInterface. You will then have access to :

  • \Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputInterface
  • \Symfony\Component\Console\Output\OutputInterface
  • \Brancho\Context\ContextInterface

Symfony's interfaces can be used to retrieve input data or to ask for any user input. Read more about this in Symfony's documentation.

Through the \Brancho\Context\ContextInterface you get access to the configuration and to the configured filters.


Filters are used to filter user input into a normalized format. Think of a user input which is copied from somewhere e.g. an issue name or a short description. Usually these contain whitespaces and capital letters which are not allowed in git branch names.

Get Jira API token

Go to https://id.atlassian.com/manage-profile/security/api-tokens and create a new API token.

Example configuration

resolver: \Brancho\Resolver\JiraResolver
    - \Brancho\Filter\Slugify
    host: https://spryker.atlassian.net/
    username: foo.bar@spryker.com
    password: {YOUR-API-TOKEN}