Google Ads API for Laravel

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Google Ads API for Laravel

Integration of googleads/googleads-php-lib in Laravel and Lumen (version >5).


  • Run $ composer require spotonlive/laravel-google-ads


  • (Only for Laravel 5.4 or minor) Add provider to config/app.php
'providers' => [
  • Run $ php artisan vendor:publish to publish the configuration file config/google-ads.php and insert:
    • developerToken
    • clientId & clientSecret
    • refreshToken


  • Add provider to bootstrap/app.php
  • Copy vendor/spotonlive/laravel-google-ads/config/config.php to config/google-ads.php and insert:

    • developerToken
    • clientId & clientSecret
    • refreshToken
  • Add config to bootstrap/app.php


Generate refresh token

This requires that the clientId and clientSecret is from a native application.

Run $ php artisan googleads:token:generate and open the authorization url. Grant access to the app, and input the access token in the console. Copy the refresh token into your configuration config/google-ads.php

Basic usage

The following example is for AdWords, but the general code applies to all products.


namespace App\Services;

use LaravelGoogleAds\Services\AdWordsService;
use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\AdWordsServices;
use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\AdWordsSessionBuilder;
use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\v201806\cm\CampaignService;
use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\v201806\cm\OrderBy;
use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\v201806\cm\Paging;
use Google\AdsApi\AdWords\v201806\cm\Selector;

class Service
    /** @var AdWordsService */
    protected $adWordsService;
     * @param AdWordsService $adWordsService
    public function __construct(AdWordsService $adWordsService)
        $this->adWordsService = $adWordsService;

    public function campaigns()
        $customerClientId = 'xxx-xxx-xx';

        $campaignService = $this->adWordsService->getService(CampaignService::class, $customerClientId);

        // Create selector.
        $selector = new Selector();
        $selector->setFields(array('Id', 'Name'));
        $selector->setOrdering(array(new OrderBy('Name', 'ASCENDING')));

        // Create paging controls.
        $selector->setPaging(new Paging(0, 100));

        // Make the get request.
        $page = $campaignService->get($selector);

Best practices

Features, requirements, support etc.

See googleads/googleads-php-lib


  • googleads/googleads-php-lib hosts the PHP client library for the various SOAP-based Ads APIs (AdWords, AdExchange Buyer, and DFP) at Google.