RoadRunner: Command Line Interface

v2.6.0 2023-12-05 20:46 UTC



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RoadRunner is an open-source (MIT licensed) high-performance PHP application server, load balancer, and process manager. It supports running as a service with the ability to extend its functionality on a per-project basis.

RoadRunner includes PSR-7/PSR-17 compatible HTTP and HTTP/2 server and can be used to replace classic Nginx+FPM setup with much greater performance and flexibility.

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RoadRunner CLI

This repository contains commands to help you work with the RoadRunner, such as:

  • get-binary (or get) - allows to install the latest version of the RoadRunner compatible with your environment (operating system, processor architecture, runtime, etc...). Also, this command creates an example .rr.yaml configuration file. If don't use the command without additional options plugin and preset, an example with a complete configuration file will be created. Using the plugin option (shortcut p) can create an example configuration file with only plugins needed. For example, with http plugin only: get-binary -p http, http and jobs: get-binary -p http -p jobs. Available plugins: amqp, beanstalk, boltdb, broadcast, endure, fileserver, grpc, http, jobs, kv, logs, metrics, nats, redis, reload, rpc, server, service, sqs, status, tcp, temporal, websockets. Using the preset option can create an example configuration file with popular plugins for different typical tasks. For example, with web preset: get-binary --preset web. Available presets: web (contains plugins http, jobs).
  • download-protoc-binary - allows to install the latest version of the protoc-gen-php-grpc file compatible with your environment (operating system, processor architecture, runtime, etc...).
  • versions - displays a list of available RoadRunner binary versions.


This codebase is automatically tested via host repository - roadrunner-server/roadrunner.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information. Maintained by Spiral Scout.