This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Vault component dedicated to use dynamic pages.

v0.4.11 2017-11-22 13:14 UTC


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Spiral CMS pages module. Allows to create dynamic cms pages and manage them.
Pages contain all previous changes in revisions history.


composer require spiral/pages
spiral register spiral/pages

Need to place navigation links in admin panel? Use example code below:

'pages' => [
    'title'    => 'Pages',
    'icon'     => 'description',
    'requires' => 'vault.pages',
    'items'    => [
        'pages' => ['title' => 'CMS Pages'],


In pages config please define page value - a path to your view file where you will include spiral page tags:


//Config example
return [
    'page' => 'spiral-cms-page',

Example of page view is:

<dark:use path="pages:cms/*" prefix="pages:"/>

/** @var \Spiral\Pages\Database\Page $page */
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <pages:meta page="<?= $page ?>"/>
        <pages:page page="<?= $page ?>"/>

pages:meta tag supports default values, pass keywords or description with default values as attributes, tag context will be used as custom html:

<pages:meta page="<?= $page ?>" description="default description" keywords="default,keywords">
    <meta name="tags" content="default tags">

Only pages in active status are visible for users.
Admins can view them in draft when is is allowed, they need to have viewDraftPermission defined in pages config.

In this case they will see some notice that this page currently in draft, you can disable notice by showDraftNotice value in pages config.

On-page editing (waiting writeaway module to be finished)

If you have enough permissions (editCMSPermission value in pages config) you may use inline editor to change page content.
All you need is:

  1. install writeaway/writeaway npm module
  2. define get/set urls for meta data editor and source data editor


  1. Add visual editor in admin panel