An ads.txt management tool for Drupal >=8.5

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# Authorized Digital Sellers Manager Tool

ADS.TXT manager for Drupal 8 is a module to manage the ads.txt configuration. This is particularly useful if you have to maintain multiple ads.txt file across all your websites.

Installing ADS.TXT manager via Composer

You can install ADS.TXT manager using Composer by running the following:

$ composer require SPHDD/authorized_digital_sellers:"^1"


  1. Able to act as Master-Slave. If you're managing multiple websites with the same ads.txt file everywhere, this will improve your productivity.
  2. Serve a cached but outdated ads.txt if the Master fails to respond.
  3. Fallback to Self-Managed ads.txt if there is no cached version and Master fails to respond.
  4. Ability to set HTTP Cache-Control. Useful if you have HTTP accelerators and CDNs that respect the cache-control setting.


  • Enable "Authorized Digital Sellers Manager" in Drupal 8
  • Delete the physical ads.txt on your root, if any
  • Go to configure the Authorized Digital Sellers settings (/admin/config/services/authorized_digital_sellers)
    • External File Management or Self-Managed:
      • Self-Managed: If you want to manage the content independently, or act as the master ads.txt copy
      • External File Management: If you are relying on external ads.txt copy
    • External ADS file
      • Input the absolute URL of the external ads.txt copy, if you selected "External File Management"
    • External ADS file refresh rate
      • The period of time to get a fresh copy of ads.txt from External ADS File
      • The values must be parsable with strtotime()
      • It must be a figure set in the future (duh!)
      • Leave blank if you want to hit the external ads.txt every time
    • Fallback to Self-Managed
      • Life ain't a bed of roses. If the external ads.txt fails to return, would you like to fallback to the self-managed ADS text file?
    • Self Managed ADS text file
      • If you selected "Self-Managed", then you must input the ads information here
    • HTTP Cache Control
      • Set the period of cache via HTTP
      • The values must be parsable with strtotime()
      • It must be a figure set in the future (duh!)
      • Leave blank for no-store

Proposed Future Features

  • Detection of ads.txt file and deletion from admin console
  • Automatic purging of Varnish ads.txt on fresh copy from Master
  • Automatic purging of CDN ads.txt on fresh copy from Master
    • Edgecast
    • Cloudfront