Generate a url with an expiration date and signature to prevent unauthorized access

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This package can create URLs with a limited lifetime. This is done by adding an expiration date and a signature to the URL.

$urlSigner = new Sha256UrlSigner('randomkey');

$urlSigner->sign('', 30);

// => The generated url will be valid for 30 seconds

This will output a URL that looks like

Imagine mailing this URL out to the users of your application. When a user clicks on a signed URL your application can validate it with:

// returns `true` if valid, `false` if not

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The package can installed via Composer:

composer require spatie/url-signer


A signer-object can sign URLs and validate signed URLs. A secret key is used to generate signatures.

use Spatie\UrlSigner\Sha256UrlSigner;

$urlSigner = new Sha256UrlSigner('mysecretkey');

Generating URLs

Signed URLs can be generated by providing a regular URL and an expiration date to the sign method.

$expirationDate = (new DateTime())->modify('10 days');

$urlSigner->sign('', $expirationDate);

// => The generated url will be valid for 10 days

If an integer is provided as expiration date, the URL will be valid for that amount of seconds.

$urlSigner->sign('', 30);

// => The generated URL will be valid for 30 seconds

Validating URLs

To validate a signed URL, simply call the validate() method. This will return a boolean.


// => true


// => false

Writing custom signers

This packages provides a signer that uses SHA256 to generate signature. You can create your own signer by implementing the Spatie\UrlSigner\Contracts\UrlSigner-interface. If you let your signer extend Spatie\UrlSigner\AbstractUrlSigner you'll only need to provide the createSignature-method.


The tests can be run with:

composer test


To get started quickly in Laravel you can use the spatie/laravel-url-signer package.


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