A tool to scan sites for mixed content

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This repo contains a tool called mixed-content-scanner that can help you find pieces of mixed content on your site. This is how you can use it:

mixed-content-scanner scan

And of course our company site reports no mixed content.


Here's an example of a local test server that does contain some mixed content:


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You can install the package via composer:

composer global require spatie/mixed-content-scanner-cli

How it works under the hood

When scanning a site, the tool will crawl every page. On all html retrieved, these elements and attributes will be checked:

  • audio: src
  • embed: src
  • form: action
  • link: href
  • iframe: src
  • img: src, srcset
  • object: data
  • param: value
  • script: src
  • source: src, srcset
  • video: src

If any of those attributes start with http:// the element will be regarded as mixed content.

The tool does not scan linked .css or .js files. Inline <script> or <style> are not taken into consideration.


You can scan a site by using the scan command followed by the url

mixed-content-scanner scan


SSL verification

You might want to check your site for mixed content before actually launching it. It's quite common your site doesn't have an ssl certificate installed yet at that point. That's why by default the tool will not verify ssl certificates.

If you want to turn on ssl verification just use the verify-ssl option

mixed-content-scanner scan --verify-ssl

That examples will result in non responding urls because the host does not have a valid ssl certificate

Filtering and ignoring urls

You can filter which urls are going to be crawled by passing regex to the filter and ignore options.

In this example we are only going to crawl pages starting with /en.

mixed-content-scanner scan --filter="^\/en"

You can use multiple filters:

mixed-content-scanner scan --filter="^\/en" --filter="^\/nl"

You can also ignore certain urls. Here we are going to ignore all url's that contain the word opensource.

mixed-content-scanner scan --ignore="opensource"

Of course you can also combine filters and ignores:

mixed-content-scanner scan --filter="^\/en" --ignore="opensource"

Ignoring robots

By default, the crawler will respect robots data. You can ignore them though with the --ignore-robots option.

mixed-content-scanner scan --ignore-robots

Custom User agent

By default, the crawler uses the underlying guzzle client for the user agent. You can override this value with the --user-agent option.

mixed-content-scanner scan --user-agent='MyCustomCrawler'


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If you've found a bug regarding security please mail instead of using the issue tracker.


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The scanner is inspired by mixed-content-scan by Bram Van Damme. Parts of his readme and code were used.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.