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Do you have to fill out an entire form just to test a mail sent by your app? Or even worse, complete an entire checkout process to just view and debug an order confirmation mail? Stop. The. Madness.

This package provides an artisan command that can send a mailable to an email-address. It can be used like this:

php artisan mail:send-test "OrderConfirmation"

The given mailable will be sent to the given recipient. Any parameters handed to the __construct method of the mailable class will be automatically passed in.

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You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-mailable-test

The package will automatically register itself.

Optionally you can publish the config-file with:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Spatie\MailableTest\MailableTestServiceProvider" --tag="config"

This is the contents of the published config file:

return [

     * This class will be used to generate argument values for the constructor
     * of a mailable. This can be any class as long as it
     * extends \Spatie\MailableTest\ArgumentValueProvider::class
    'argument_value_provider_class' => \Spatie\MailableTest\FakerArgumentValueProvider::class,

     * Base namespace Mailable classes
    'base_namespace' => 'App\Mail',


To send any mailable issue this artisan command:

php artisan mail:send-test "App\Mail\MyMailable"

This will send the given mailable to the given mail-address. The to-, cc- and bcc-address that may be set in the given mailable will be cleared. The mail will only be sent to the mail-address given in the artisan command.

The package will provide a value for any typehinted argument of the constructor of the mailable. If a argument is a int, string or bool the package will generated a value using Faker. Any argument that typehints an Eloquent model will receive the first record of that model. For all arguments that have a class typehint an argument will be generated using the container.

Customizing the values passed to the mailable constructor

Via the command

The easiest way to customize the values passed to the mailable constructor is to use the values option of the mail:send-test command. Image the constructor for your mailable looks like this:

public function __construct(string $title, Order $order) 

The Order class in this example is an eloquent model. If you don't want the package to generate fake values or use the first Order, you can pass a values option to the command. The option should get a string with comma separated pair. The first value of each pair (separated by ':') should be the name of the argument in the mailable constructor. The second value should be the value that should be passed to that argument. For arguments concerning Eloquent models, the passed value will be used as the id.

So in this example My title will be passed to $title and an Order with id 5 will be passed to $order.

php artisan mail:send-test "App\Mail\OrderConfirmation" --values="title:My title,order:5"

By overriding the ArgumentValueProvider

The class that is responsible for getting values that should be passed on to the mailable constructor is Spatie\MailableTest\FakerArgumentValueProvider. You can override this class by specifying your own class in the argument_value_provider_class in the laravel-mailable-test config file.

By default the package will pass the first record of an Eloquent model to each argument that typehints a model. If you want to use your factories instead, you can do this.

namespace App;

use Spatie\MailableTest\FakerArgumentValueProvider;

class MyCustomArgumentValueProvider extends FakerArgumentValueProvider
       protected function getModelInstance(string $mailableClass, string $argumentName, Model $model, $id): Model
          return factory(get_class($model));


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