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This package contains a function ld. Any argument you pass to it will be dumped to the log. You can pass any kind of value to it.

ld('a string', ['an array'], new Class());

Under the hood, Symfony's VarDumper is used to create string representations.

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You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-log-dumper


You can pass any variable you want to ld.

ld('a string', ['an array'], new Class());

All arguments will be converted to strings and will be written to the application log using the info level.

Using other log levels

If you want to use another log level, you can just call the method you want on ld. You can pass these methods any type of argument and any number of arguments. They will all be logged.

// logs using the `error` level
ld()->error('a string', ['an array'], new Class())

Of course, you can mix and chain different levels.

   ->debug('Debug info', ['an array'])
   ->error('Error info', new Class);

Enabling and disabling logging

You can disable logging by calling disable.

ld('foo'); // will be logged


ld('bar'); // will not be logged


ld('baz'); // will be logged

You can pass a boolean to enable. This can be handy when you want to log only one iteration of a loop.

foreach (range(1, 3) as $i) {
   // only things in the third iteration will be logged
   ld()->enable($i === 3);

   ld('we are in the third iteration');

Logging queries

You can log all queries with logQueries.

ld()->logQueries(); // all queries after this call will be logged

If you wish to stop logging queries, call stopLoggingQueries.

ld()->stopLoggingQueries(); // all queries after this call will not be logged anymore

Alternatively to manually starting and stopping listening for queries, you can also pass a closure to logQueries. Only the queries executed inside the closure will be logged.

ld()->logQueries(function() {
    $this->mailAllUsers(); // all queries executed in this closure will be logged

User::get(); // this query will not be logged


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