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This package provides extended support for our spatie/enum package in Laravel.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-enum



Chances are that if you're working in a Laravel project, you'll want to use enums within your models. This package provides a trait you can use in these models, to allow allow automatic casting between stored enum values and enum objects.

use Spatie\Enum\HasEnums;

class TestModel extends Model
    use HasEnums;

    protected $enums = [
        'status' => TestModelStatus::class,

You can also define enum as nullable:

protected $enums = [
    'status' => TestModelStatus::class.':nullable',

By using the HasEnums trait, you'll be able to work with the status field like so:

$model = TestModel::create([
    'status' => StatusEnum::DRAFT(),

You can set the value of an enum field with its textual value:

$model->status = 'published';

This can be useful when filling data from a validated request:



$model->status = StatusEnum::PUBLISHED();



In some cases, enums should be stored as integer (index) in the database.

By using the $casts property you can cast your status attribute to int or integer and the trait will store the index instead of the value.


  • Models fields
  • Model scopes #4
  • Validation #5
  • Request Transformation #7


The HasEnums trait also provides some useful scopes to query your database. These scopes will also take the optional mapping you provided into account.

Post::whereEnum('status', StatusEnum::DRAFT());

Post::whereNotEnum('status', StatusEnum::PUBLISHED());

You may provide multiple enums as an array:

Post::whereEnum('status', [StatusEnum::DRAFT(), StatusEnum::ARCHIVED()]);

Post::whereNotEnum('status', [StatusEnum::PUBLISHED()]);

You may also provide textual input:

Post::whereEnum('status', 'archived');
Post::whereEnum('status', 'legacy archived value');


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