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A composer-based Drupal project template using Sector.

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9.5.0 2023-03-08 00:55 UTC


Visit: Sector Project Template on for the actively maintained version of this project.

Sector is a Drupal 9 distribution (or install profile) built and maintained by Sparks Interactive.


This repository is for inclusion as part of a composer create-project installation only.

Complete installation instructions are available at the main Sector repository:

Quick Start

Composer will create a new directory called {project-name} containing a web directory with a complete Drupal 9 codebase and the Sector install profile.

composer create-project drupal/sector_project_template {project-name}

What Does This Template Do?

When installing the given composer.json some tasks are taken care of:

  • Drupal core will be installed in the web/core directory.
  • Modules (packages of type drupal-module), themes (packages of type drupal-theme), and profiles (packages of type drupal-profile) are automatically installed to their respective web/(modules|themes|profiles)/contrib directories.
  • The latest version of Drush is installed locally for use at ./vendor/bin/drush.

For a better idea as to what Sector does, what features it has, and why you should use it, visit the main repository.

Need Help or Found a Bug?

If you have any queries or issues about how to use Sector, and you've already read through the Sector Distribution README, then open an issue here or on our project page.

Contributing to this repository

This repository is a component used with composer create-project to build a Sector site. Propose changes via the issue queue on

To test building a Sector site via composer create-project using your modified version of this repository, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this repository locally and make your proposed modifications.
  2. Use the following command to create a project based on your modified version:
composer create-project \
  --prefer-dist \
  --repository='{"type":"path", "url":"/src/sector-project","options":{"symlink":false, "versions":{"sparksinteractive/sector-project":"9.x.x"}}}' \
  sparksinteractive/sector-project \

Replace the following values in this command:

  • /src/sector-project: The path to your local clone of this repository.
  • 9.x.x: A patch increment above current sparksinteractive/sector-project release.
  • /src/target-dir: The directory to create your test build of this project.

When ready, use the issue queue to collaborate on the proposal with a pull request to sparksi/sector-project on Github for the changes themselves.