MySQLite is a Laravel connector for SQLite that emulates MySQL functionality. The currently ported functionalities can be viewed in on the github site.

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Laravel MySQLite is meant to be used in conjunction with Laravel. It is a database connection that adds select functions from MySQL to SQLite.


Adding the Composer Resource

  1. Execute composer require spam-n-eggs/laravel-mysqlite or alternatively composer require --dev spam-n-eggs/laravel-mysqlite

Registering as a Service Provider

In order to reduce clutter it is preferable to create a separate Service Provider

  1. If there is a need to conditionally register the Service (i.e. you only use it in testing) create a new class in app/Providers that extends Mhorninger\SQLite\MySQLiteServiceProvider

    namespace App\Providers;
    use Mhorninger\SQLite\MySQLiteServiceProvider as ServiceProvider;
    class MySQLiteServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
        public function register()
            if ($shouldRegister) {
  2. Add a line to app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php within the register() method:


Ported Functionality





Date and Time







Custom Functionality

While this package aims to cover common functionality, there are times when you need support for a function quickly or a custom function that is unique to your application. This is easy to do with two methods from the boot() method of your service provider class:


class MySQLiteServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider

    public function boot()
        $connection = $this->app->get('db')->connection();
        if ($connection->getDriverName() === 'sqlite') {
                ->addRewriteRule('/CURDATE\(\)/', "date('now')")
                ->addFunction('CURDATE', fn() => CarbonImmutable::today()->toDateString(), 0);
  • addRewriteRule() will replace a string in your query using regex, should Sqlite have a native function that could be used as a 1:1 replacement.
  • addFunction() uses PDO sqliteCreateFunction() to register a custom function with PHP in the event that Sqlite doesn't have a drop-in replacement or if logic is more complicated. Read More.


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