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Craft 3 CMS scaffolding project

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This is an alternate scaffolding package for Craft 3 CMS projects to Pixel & Tonic's canonical craftcms/craft package.

In addition to setting up a new Craft 3 CMS project, this project sets up:

...and sets up some other base scaffolding as described to the following articles:

It also installs a few base plugins that I use on every project. You can read more about it in the Setting up a New Craft 3 CMS Project article.

Assumptions Made

Since this is boilerplate that nystudio107 uses for projects, it is by definition opinionated, and has a number of assumptions:

  • Gulp is used as a the frontend workflow automation tool
  • Vue is used as the frontend JavaScript framework, with Axios providing the http client
  • Tailwind CSS is used as the utility-first CSS framework
  • Nginx with ssi on; is used as the web server
  • Redis is used as the PHP Session and Craft data caching method
  • Critical CSS is used site-wide
  • FontFaceObserver is used for font loading
  • Craft-Scripts are used for db/asset synching
  • Craft 3 Multi-Environment is used for the Craft 3 multi-environment setup

Obviously you're free to remove whatever components you don't need/want to use.

Using nystudio107/craft

This project package works exactly the way Pixel & Tonic's craftcms/craft package works; you create a new project by first creating & installing the project:

composer create-project nystudio107/craft PATH

Make sure that PATH is the path to your project, including the name you want for the project, e.g.:

composer create-project nystudio107/craft craft3 -s RC

Then cd to your new project directory, and run Craft's setup console command to create your .env environments and optionally install:

./craft setup

Finally, run the nys-setup command to configure Craft-Scripts & Craft 3 Multi-Environment based on your newly created .env settings:


That's it, enjoy!

If you ever delete the vendor folder or such, just re-run:


...and it will re-create the symlink to your; don't worry, it won't stomp on any changes you've made.

Below is the entire intact, unmodified from Pixel & Tonic's craftcms/craft:


About Craft CMS

Craft is a content-first CMS that aims to make life enjoyable for developers and content managers alike. It is optimized for bespoke web and application development, offering developers a clean slate to build out exactly what they want, rather than wrestling with a theme.

Learn more about Craft at

How to Install Craft 3 Beta

Installation instructions can be found in the Craft 3 documentation.


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