A bundle that provides common interface for filtering data

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Data filtering and pagination made easy.

The implementation is based on:

  • having adapters for Input filter format. Contains 2 default implementations (DataTables and Api)
  • formatters for the output format (DataTables, Api, Raw)
  • adapters for the underlying DB (MongoDB and Doctrine ORM)

Every aspect can be extended as you see fit either by replacing the implementation or implementing the interfaces.


Require the soluti/data-filter-bundle package in your composer.json and update your dependencies.

$ composer require soluti/data-filter-bundle

Add the SolutiDataFilterBundle to your application's kernel:

    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...
            new Soluti\DataFilterBundle\SolutiDataFilterBundle(),
            // ...
        // ...

Creating your first filter

The bundle comes with 2 predefined input adapters:

  • DataTables Adapter (Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Adapter\DataTableAdapter): for parsing requests from DataTables
  • Api Adapter (Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Adapter\ApiAdapter): for Api requests

In order to get it working we need to do some setup first. 3 things are required:

  • a filter definition
  • a transformer
  • a repository service

Each filter definition implements `Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Definition\FilterDefinitionInterface`, you can also use

* the repository service that implements `Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Repository\FilterableRepositoryInterface` there are 2 default implementations:

     * `Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Repository\DoctrineORMRepository`
     * `Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Repository\MongoRepository`
* the transformer that implements ```Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Transformer\TransformerInterface```, normally you should extend:

     * for Api ```Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Transformer\ApiAbstractTransformer```
     * for DataTables ```Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Transformer\AbstractTransformer```

Normally both the transformer and the Filter Definition should be registered as services inside the app.

After that inside the controller it is as simple as:

use Soluti\DataFilterBundle\Adapter\DataTableAdapter;
use App\Filter\Definition\UserDefinition;
        return new JsonResponse(
                ->process($this->get(UserDefinition::class), $request)

**Hint:** you can inject your services as method parameters instead of getting them from the Controller.

Please check the following files for examples:

[Definition example](doc/

[Transformer example](doc/

## License

This package is available under the [MIT license](LICENSE).