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⭐ VAST Ad generator and parser library on PHP.



Install library through composer:

composer require sokil/php-vast

Quick start

// create document
$factory = new \Sokil\Vast\Factory();
$document = $factory->create('4.1');

// insert Ad section
$ad1 = $document
    ->setAdSystem('Ad Server Name')
    ->setAdTitle('Ad Title')
    ->addImpression('', 'imp1');

// create creative for ad section
$linearCreative = $ad1
    ->addTrackingEvent('start', '')
    ->addTrackingEvent('pause', '');

// add closed caption file (Closed Caption support starts on VAST 4.1)
// add 100x100 media file

// add 200x200 media file
// get dom document
$domDocument = $document->toDomDocument();

// get XML string
echo $document;

This will generate:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<VAST version="2.0">
    <Ad id="ad1">
            <AdSystem>Ad Server Name</AdSystem>
            <AdTitle><![CDATA[Ad Title]]></AdTitle>
            <Impression id="imp1"><![CDATA[]]></Impression>
                            <Tracking event="start"><![CDATA[]]></Tracking>
                            <Tracking event="pause"><![CDATA[]]></Tracking>
                              <ClosedCaptionFile language="en-US" type="text/srt">
                            <MediaFile delivery="progressive" type="video/mp4" height="100" width="100" bitrate="2500">
                            <MediaFile delivery="progressive" type="video/mp4" height="200" width="200" bitrate="2500">

Custom Specification Support

VAST document elements are completely described in it's specification, but some Ad servers may add support for custom elements and attributes. This library strictly follows specification, generally because two dialects of VAST may conflict with each other. You may write our own dialect by overriding element builder and create any elements and attributes you want.

The VAST dialect is described in \Sokil\Vast\ElementBuilder class. By overriding it you may create instances of your own classes and add there any setters.

First let's create a class for MediaFile and add some custom attributes:


namespace Acme\Vast\ElementBuilder\Element;

use Sokil\Vast\Creative\InLine\Linear\MediaFile;

class AcmeMediaFile extends MediaFile
    public function setMinDuration($seconds)
        $seconds = (int)$seconds;
        if ($seconds <= 0) {
            thow new \InvalidArgumentException('Invalid min duration specified, must be positive int')
        $this->domElement->setAttribute('minDuration', $seconds);
        return $this;

Now we need to override the default element builder and create our own MediaFile factory method:


namespace Acme\Vast\ElementBuilder;

use Sokil\Vast\ElementBuilder;
use Acme\Vast\ElementBuilder\Element\AcmeMediaFile;

class AcmeElementBuilder extends ElementBuilder
     * <Ad><InLine><Creatives><Creative><Linear><MediaFile>
     * @param \DOMElement $mediaFileDomElement
     * @return AcmeMediaFile
    public function createInLineAdLinearCreativeMediaFile(\DOMElement $mediaFileDomElement)
        return new AcmeMediaFile($mediaFileDomElement);

Now we need to confugure VAST factory to use overridden element builder:


use Acme\Vast\ElementBuilder\AcmeElementBuilder;
use Sokil\Vast\Factory;

$elementBuilder = new AcmeElementBuilder();
$factory = new Factory($elementBuilder);

$document = $factory->create('4.1');

$ad = $document->createInLineAdSection();
$creative = $ad->createLinearCreative();
$mediaFile = $creative->createMediaFile();


If you have an AD server and want to add support for your custom tag, create your own library with custom elements and element builder, or add a pull request to this library.