PHP utility for building and processing forms

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Sweet and fast form processing for PHP projects.

Requires PHP 8 or newer.


Use Composer to install this library:

composer require soatok/cupcake

To learn how to use Cupcake, please see the Documentation online.

Questions and Answers

Why "Cupcake"?

Wordplay! The German word for a cupcake mold is förmchen.

What Does Cupcake Do That Other Form Libraries Don't?

Three things: Security, simplicity, and ease-of-use.

First, I designed Cupcake with security as its first principle.

This doesn't just mean the bare basics like preventing cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and cross-site request forgery. Secure form processing means ensuring that input validation isn't only performed client-side. To that end, Cupcake uses Ionizer for input filtering.

Second, Cupcake's interface is deliberately simple and intuitive. Piece o' cake!

Finally, Cupcake is easy to integrate with other platforms and frameworks, by design. Cupcake has minimal dependencies and is unlikely to conflict with your existing framework dependencies or explode the code size to an unreasonable level.

(In the future, I will also provide shims for popular frameworks and ORMs.)

How Do I Use Cupcake?

See the Documentation directory.

If the documentation isn't helpful, please file an issue on Github.

What's With the Cupcake Mascot?

Their name is Neophyte! (They/them pronouns.)

Neophyte is a character owned by Soatok (the creator of Cupcake) to represent people who read his blog or use his open source software.

Is Cupcake a Furry Project?


The author, Soatok, is a furry. The mascot is a protogen (a fictitious species created within the furry fandom, for the furry fandom to enjoy).

You can learn more about the Furry Fandom here.

Is Cupcake API-Stable?

No, not until version 1.0.0 has been tagged.