Laravel package to allow you to easily integrate the Google Safebrowing API into your application.

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This is a Laravel 5 package to enable you to easily interface with the Google Safebrowsing API. (Other RBL services are coming.)

Right now it's only using the Google Safebrowsing Lookup API (v4), but I'll be updating it to include the Update API as well. The old Safebrowsing v3 (non-package) version of this script has also included Phishtank and several RBLs, but I think the RBLs have changed how they work so that old code doesn't work anymore.

This package requires that you have an active Google Safebrowsing API key. It absolutely will not work without one. It's free to create an API key (although the process is every bit as confusing and convoluted as you would expect from Google).

Bear in mind that Google does throttle API usage, so if you have a high-traffic site, you may want to build in a caching layer or something so you don't burn through your requests too quickly. You can keep an eye on your usage through the Google API console.

This package is very rough around the edges and probably shouldn't be used for production yet.


Via Composer

$ composer require snipe/safebrowsing

Update Your Config

For applications using Laravel =< 5.4

Open config/app.php and add:


to your providers array in config/app.php, and:

'Safebrowsing' => Snipe\Safebrowsing\Facade\Safebrowsing::class,

to your aliases array in config/app.php.

Publish the config

php artisan vendor:publish

Set Your Google Safebrowsing API Key

In your .env, add:


There are additional options in the config file that relate to what specific types of threats you want to check for, and what platforms you want to check on, but you only really need to worry about that if you want to check fewer things, as it's pretty inclusive already.


Using Blade Syntax

{{ Safebrowsing::checkSafeBrowsing($urls) }}


@if (Safebrowsing::isFlagged(''))
    // do something if the url is flagged as suspicious
    // hooray - it's not flagged!

where $url is an array of URLs that you would like to check against the Google Safebrowsing API.

Using Facades

print('Status of the third URL is: '.Safebrowsing::isFlagged(''));

Test URLs

Here are some handy test urls you can use while you're experimenting with the system.

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


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If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



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