API for collecting stats from remote HAProxy nodes

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snapr allows REST queries via HTTP in order to expose detailed haproxy statistics and allow various program control functions like enabling and disabling servers. This is distributed for all to use, but primary used and developed by Snapt for their haproxy related products.


See the doc directory for more detailed documentation.



  • Snapt is said "snapped", and snapr is said "snapper".
  • Yes, we are called Snapped-T a lot.


  • snapr works with PHP 5.3 or above.
  • snapr requires composer to install.
  • snapr requires [via composer] silex/silex and symfony/console.

Submitting bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature request are tracked on GitHub


Snapt - -
See also the list of contributors which participated in this project.


Snapr is licensed under the BSD 3 Clause License - see the LICENSE file for details