PHP class that manages a list of callbacks

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This micropackage provides a simple class for managing a list of callbacks.


> composer require sminnee/callbacklist
use Sminnee\CallbackList\CallbackList;

$list = new CallbackList;
$list->add(function() { "this will get called"; });
$list->add(function() { "so will this"; });

// Or you can use it as a callable if you prefer

Arguments can be passed:

$list->add(function($greeting) { "$greeting, world!"; });

Return values are collated as an array

use Sminnee\CallbackList\CallbackList;

$list = new CallbackList;
$list->add(function() { return "this will get returned"; });
$list->add(function() { return "so will this"; });

// ["this will get returned", "so will this"]

Existing callbacks can be manipulated:

// Clear the list

// Or add a callback with a name
$list->add(function($greeting) { "$greeting, world!"; }, 'greeter');

// And then remove by that name

And you can inspect the content of the list:

// Return a single named callback

// Return everything as an array