v1.2.3 2016-01-22 00:10 UTC


This package provides tools to optimize Neevo DBAL for use in a Nette Framework application. It will register Neevo as a service to the DI Container, add a panel to DebugBar showing performed queries and a panel to Bluescreen with SQL query in case of NeevoException. It also provides an adapter for Nette cache storage system.

Only Nette Framework 2.0 and above PHP 5.3 packages are supported.


  1. Add the extension to your Composer configuration:

    	"require": {
    		"smasty/neevo-nette-ext": "1.*"
  2. Register the Neevo compiler extension in your application bootstrap (e.g. app/bootstrap.php):

    $configurator->onCompile[] = function($configurator, $compiler){
    	$compiler->addExtension('neevo', new Neevo\Nette\Extension);
  3. Add a new section neevo to your config file (e.g. app/config/config.neon) and place there your Neevo configuration:

    	driver: MySQLi
    	username: root
    	password: ****
    	database: my_database
  4. There is no step four.