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This package is a flexible IOC container for PHP with a focus on being lightweight and fast as well as requiring as little configuration as possible. It is an implementation of PSR-11


Install via composer.

    "require": {
        "slince/di": "^3.0"

Alternatively, require package use composer cli:

composer require slince/di ^3.0


Container is dependency injection container. It allows you to implement the dependency injection design pattern meaning that you can decouple your class dependencies and have the container inject them where they are needed.

namespace Acme;

class Foo
     * @var \Acme\Bar
    public $bar;

     * Construct.
    public function __construct(Bar $bar)
        $this->bar = $bar;

class Bar
    public $foo;
    public $baz;
    public function __construct($foo, $baz)
        $this->foo = $foo;
        $this->baz = $baz;

$container = new Slince\Di\Container();

$foo = $container->get(Acme\Foo::class);

var_dump($foo instanceof Acme\Foo);      // true
var_dump($foo->bar instanceof Acme\Bar); // true

Make Service References

$container->register('bar', Acme\Bar::class);
$container->register('foo', Acme\Foo::class)
    ->addArgument(new Slince\Di\Reference('bar')); //refer to 'bar'
var_dump($container->get('bar') === $container->get('foo')->bar));    // true

Use a Factory to Create Services

Suppose you have a factory that configures and returns a new NewsletterManager object by calling the static createNewsletterManager() method:

class NewsletterManagerStaticFactory
    public static function createNewsletterManager($parameter)
        $newsletterManager = new NewsletterManager($parameter);

        // ...

        return $newsletterManager;
// call the static method
    array(NewsletterManagerStaticFactory::class, 'createNewsletterManager')

If your factory is not using a static function to configure and create your service, but a regular method, you can instantiate the factory itself as a service too.

// call a method on the specified factory service
$container->register(NewsletterManager::class, [
    new Reference(NewsletterManagerFactory::class),

Create Service Aliases

$container->setAlias('foo-alias', Acme\Foo::class);
$foo = $container->get('foo-alias');

var_dump($foo instanceof Acme\Foo);      // true

Configure container

  • Singleton
    'share' => false
$container->register('foo', Acme\Foo::class);
var_dump($container->get('foo') === $container->get('foo'));      // false
  • Autowiring
    'autowire' => false,
$container->register('foo', Acme\Foo::class)
    ->addArgument(new Acme\Bar());  // You have to provide $bar
var_dump($container->get('foo') instanceof Acme\Foo::class);  // true

Container Parameters

    'foo' => 'hello',
    'bar' => [
        'baz' => 'world'

$container->register('bar', Acme\Bar::class)
        'foo' => $container->getParameter('foo'),
        'baz' => $container->getParameter('bar.baz')

$bar = $container->get('bar');
var_dump($bar->foo);  // hello
var_dump($bar->bar); // world

Work with Service Tags

$container->register('foo')->addTag('my.tag', array('hello' => 'world'));

$serviceIds = $container->findTaggedServiceIds('my.tag');

foreach ($serviceIds as $serviceId => $tags) {
    foreach ($tags as $tag) {
        echo $tag['hello'];


The MIT license. See MIT