Send SMS in Laravel 4 using API from

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#Trio SMS

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Send SMS in Laravel 4 using API from


Require this package with composer:

composer require slayerz/triosms

After updating composer, add the ServiceProvider to the providers array in app/config/app.php


You can have your own config for this package by publishing it

php artisan config:publish slayerz/triosms

Once published, you can modify the config in app/config/packages/slayerz/triosms/config.php

'url'	=> 'API-URL-ADDRESS',
'token' => 'API-TOKEN',

You have to configure the default sender mode for your account.
The default sender mode is set to shortcode

Available mode for Trio SMS:

'shortcode' (send SMS using 5 digits number to international)
'longcode'  (send SMS using 10 digits number within Malaysia)


Function send( )
SMS::send($recipient, $message, $mode = '', $format = '');
  • $recipient: recipient mobile number
  • $message: message to be sent (160 chars for ASCII, 70 chars for UNICODE)
  • $mode: account to send the SMS from (default: shortcode)
  • $format: content type either 1: ASCII or 4: UNICODE (defaut: 1)
Function balance( )
SMS::balance($mode = '');
  • $mode: account you wish to check balance from (default: shortcode)


Sending SMS
public function sendSMS()
	return SMS::send('60123456789', '160 chars for ASCII & 70 chars for UNICODE');

Successful message should output positive string value

Checking Credit Balance
public function balanceCheck()
	return SMS::balance();

Successful check should output positive integer value



Trio SMS is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license