Standalone user module with login, reset, mgmt, etc

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1.0.1 2022-11-08 13:27 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-08 15:57:54 UTC


An extension for the Yii framework to boilerplate the creation, update, viewing, and removal of authentication users.


Add a repository entry to the compose.json file:

    "type": "vcs",
    "url": ""

Add an entry into the required property of the compose.json file:

    "skyline/yii.user": "[version]"

Where [version] is the version of this extension.

Yii compatibility

Extension Version Yii Version
1.0.0 yii2 >= 2.0.41


In your configuration file (normally config/web.php) add the following entries:

    components' => [
        // ... other components ...
        'user' => [
            'identityClass' => 'skyline\yii\user\models\User',
            'enableAutoLogin' => true,
    'modules' => [
        // ... other modules ...
        'user' => [
            // Required Parameters
            'class' => 'skyline\yii\user\Module',
            'defaultRoute' => 'UserController',

             * Optional settings

            // Where to redirect after logging in/handling auth sessions
            'homeRedirect' => '/cms',

            // How long the password reset token should last (eg. today + x time)
            // @see
            'passwordResetTokenExp' => '+5 days',

            // How long the remember me should function
            'rememberMeExpiration' => 3600 * 24 * 30,

            // If you want to override the default layout
            // If you want to use the default layout within the module, set this
            // to '@vendor/skylineos/yii.user/views/layouts/login'
            'layout' => '@app/.../views/layouts/<layout>'

             * If you want to override the views folder. It will look for a folder 'users' in whatever you specify,
             * so, don't add 'user' to your path. Once you've run the migration, you can use gii/crud to generate the
             * views for you in your specified namespace (super helpful if you have a template registered with gii)
            'viewPath' => '@app/.../views/'

Also add a route rule to point to the User views / controllers:

    "components" => [...],
    "modules" => [
        // ... other modules ...
        'urlManager' => [
            'enablePrettyUrl' => true,
            'showScriptName' => false,
            'rules' => [
                '/cms/login' => '/user/user/login',
                '/cms/' => '/cms/index',
                '/cms/users/<action>' => '/user/user/<action>',
                '/cms/users/' => '/user/user',
                '/' => '/',
                '<slug:.*>' => '/site/render'
        // ... other modules ...

In your config/console.php add the routes for this module's commands (if you would like to use them)

    'bootstrap' => [
        // ... other bootstrap components ...
    'modules' => [
        // ... other modules ...
        'user' => [
            'class' => 'skyline\yii\user\Module',


Add the following parameters to the params key of your configuration file:

'supportEmail' => '<email address>',
'supportEmailDisplayName' => 'Skyline Dude',
'passwordRecoverySubject' => 'Forgot your password?',
'newUserEmailSubject' => 'Please finish setting up your account',
Key Type Description Required
supportEmail string 'from' Email address Yes
supportEmailDisplayName string 'from' Display name Yes
passwordRecoverySubject string Email subject for password recovery email No
newUserEmailSubject string Email subject for new user email No


In order to ensure that your database is setup properly, you will need to run the migrations located in the extension.

php yii migrate/up --migrationPath=@vendor/skylineos/yii.user/migrations

If something goes wrong with the migration, remove any lingering changes with this command:

php yii migrate/down --migrationPath=@vendor/skylineos/yii.user/migrations


  • skyline\yii\metronic: >=1.0.0 (accessed with the repository entry)
  • aws/aws-sdk-php: *, for mail (deprecated for posix)

Testing (Unit and Functional)

This package ships with configuration and docker-compose for easy testing. Docker-compose will give you access to php extensions, xdebug (for code coverage), composer (will install your dependencies), and a database for functional testing.

  1. docker-compose build only necessary if this is your first run or if you've modified the Dockerfile
  2. docker-compose up -d
  3. docker-compose exec php bash

Running Tests

Assuming you're bashed into the php container and in /app

  1. ./vendor/bin/codecept run
  2. ./vendor/bin/codecept --help

Testing Branches

If you feel the need or think it's generally a good idea (it is), feel free to branch from develop. Otherwise, for smaller updates, be sure to do all of your work on the develop branch. You are expected to submit a merge request.

Testing Hints and Tips

The team largely uses VSCode, it is recommended that you do as well. If you find extensions or workflows that are mighty helpful, please feel free to add them here.