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Yii2-telex 2.1

Telex news scroller widget for the Yii2 PHP Framework

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Telex widget is a widget to render my Javascript telex widget. It displays horizontal scrolling news messages, traffic information, stock quotes, and the like, provided by a Yii2 DataProvider.

A demonstration of Yii2-telex is here.


Install Yii2-telex with Composer. Either add the following to the require section of your composer.json file:

"sjaakp/yii2-telex": "*"

Or run:

composer require sjaakp/yii2-telex "*"

You can manually install Yii2-telex by downloading the source in ZIP-format.

Using Yii2-telex


Yii2-telex has the following options:

  • dataProvider: instance of a yii\data\DataProviderInterface providing BaseObjects with message data.
  • bodyAttribute: attribute name of the attribute of the message's body text. The body text may contain HTML. Default: "body".
  • styleAttribute: attribute name of the style attribute (optional). This attribute will be prefixed with stylePrefix to form the HTML-class of the message. Default: "style".
  • urlAttribute: attribute name of the url attribute (optional). If set, the message will be a link to the url. Default: "url".
  • stylePrefix: see styleAttribute. Default: "telex-".
  • options: array of options for the underlying Javascript telex widget. More information here.
  • htmlOptions: array of HTML options for the Telex container. Use this if you want to explicitly set the ID.


Yii2-telex's protected function prepareBody($str) can be overridden. To manipulate the body text before it is sent to the widget. The default implementation just returns $str.