Provides ViewHelpers and configuration to render valid responsive images based on TYPO3's image cropping tool.

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3.0.0 2023-03-20 16:43 UTC


Responsive Images for TYPO3

This TYPO3 extension provides ViewHelpers and configuration to render valid responsive images based on TYPO3's image cropping tool.

Authors & Sponsors

The development and the public-releases of this package is generously sponsored by my employer


This extension is available via packagist.

composer require sitegeist/sms-responsive-images

Alternatively, you can install the extension from TYPO3 TER:

TYPO3 TER: sms_responsive_images

For further instructions, please take a look at the full documentation.

Updating from 2.x

  • Support for TYPO3 9.5 and PHP < 7.4 is gone.
  • If you still include constants.ts and setup.ts manually in your TypoScript configuration, these files have now been renamed to constants.typoscript and setup.typoscript.
  • Since TYPO3 v12 has declared all ViewHelper classes as final, this has been applied to the responsive images ViewHelpers as well.

Updating from 1.x

There are a few breaking changes which might require you to update your integration:

  1. Support for TYPO3 8.7 is gone. Please use version 1.3 of the extension.
  2. The picturefill attribute of <sms:image /> and <sms:media /> has been removed, so you need to remove it from your Fluid templates. Separate markup for picturefill.js is no longer required, so the extension now outputs standards-compliant markup at any time.
  3. In addition to svg files, gif files are now excluded as well. You can change this by adjusting the ignoreFileExtensions parameter.
  4. If lazyload is enabled, image tags will get a class="lazyload" automatically.

There are also some changes under the hood you might want to consider:

  1. The PHP namespace has switched from SMS\SmsResponsiveImages to Sitegeist\ResponsiveImages, so if you extended one of the provided PHP classes, you need to adjust this.
  2. The extension now uses .1579774724 instead of .100 to overwrite the image partial of fluid_styled_content. This means that there will be less interference with other extensions. However, if you need to overwrite the Image.html file again, you need to specify your partial after that value.
  3. The demo plugin is gone, so if you were using it, it won't work anymore.


To get an overview of responsive images in general and what the extension does, take a look at the following blog post:

sitegeist Techblog: Responsive Images with TYPO3 8.7+

You will find the full documentation for this extension on

Full Documentation of SMS Responsive Images