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The Magento2 StoreInfo module streamlines the process of integrating essential store information into your Magento 2 website. Traditionally, this information would be added via CMS Static Blocks or hardcoded into templates.

However, the StoreInfo module offers a more efficient method by directly accessing and retrieving values from the store information.

Key Features:

  • Simplified store information integration
  • Extends default Magento 2 store information
  • Additional fields for enhanced storefront presentation:
    • Extra Store phone number
    • WhatsApp number
    • Chamber of Commerce field

With the StoreInfo module, developers can easily enhance their Magento 2 storefronts with comprehensive and customizable store information.


Install the package via;

composer require siteation/magento2-storeinfo
bin/magento module:enable Siteation_StoreInfo


This Module requires Magento 2.4 or higher! For more requirements see the composer.json.

How to use

The StoreInfo works out of the box by providing store information and store email addresses and displaying them on your storefront.

Admin Storefront
preview-1 preview-2

Besides this the Siteation Storeinfo also adds even more usefull fields under Stores > Configration > Siteation > StoreInfo.


Admin Storefront
preview-3 preview-4

Opening Hours

Admin Storefront
preview-5 preview-6


Admin Storefront
preview-7 preview-8

Get StoreInfo in your own Template blocks.

First get the viewModal in your template, using the following sample;

Hyva - Sample Phtml file head
<?php declare(strict_types=1);

use Hyva\Theme\Model\ViewModelRegistry;
use Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template;
use Magento\Framework\Escaper;
use Siteation\StoreInfo\ViewModel\StoreInfo;

/** @var ViewModelRegistry $viewModels */
/** @var Template $block */
/** @var Escaper $escaper */

/** @var StoreInfo $storeInfo */
$storeInfo = $viewModels->require(StoreInfo::class);
Luma - Sample Phtml file head

For Luma templates, see the previous sample for the xml needed to load the viewModal.

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

use Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template;
use Magento\Framework\Escaper;

/** @var Template $block */
/** @var Escaper $escaper */

/** @var Siteation\StoreInfo\ViewModel\StoreInfo $storeInfo */
$storeInfo = $block->getData('viewModelStoreInfo');

After this you can load any Magento StoreInfo field as text in your phtml;

// Get specific predefined store info field

// Get the same as above, using the global functions
$storeInfo->getStoreInfo('postcode'); // 'general/store_information/%s'
$storeInfo->getStoreEmail('email', 'ident_sales'); // 'trans_email/%2$s/%1$s'