Lucide icons for Hyva Themes

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Siteation - Hyva Icon Pack - LucideIcons

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This Magento 2 module adds the option to use Lucide Icons in your Hyva frontend.

This requires that you have a working Hyva frontend, this icon pack was made specifically for Hyva Themes and will not work out of the box with any other frontend.


Install the package via;

composer require siteation/magento2-hyva-icons-lucide
bin/magento setup:upgrade

Warning This Module requires Magento 2.4 or higher and requires Hyva! For more requirements see the composer.json.

How to use

By default this module loads nothing.

To use this icon pack instead of the default Hyva icons, add the following to your phtml file;

use Hyva\Theme\Model\ViewModelRegistry;
use Siteation\HyvaIconsLucide\ViewModel\LucideIcons;

/** @var ViewModelRegistry $viewModels */

/** @var LucideIcons $lucideIcons */
$lucideIcons = $viewModels->require(LucideIcons::class);

and use the LucideIcons just as the HeroIcons in Hyva;

<?= $lucideIcons->menuHtml('p-1', 24, 24, ["aria-label" => "Open menu"]) ?>

Using SVG icons in CMS content

You can now also use the SVG icons in your CMS content.

Bringing svg icon support to you CMS pages, Blocks and Widgets.

{{icon "lucide/menu"}}

For more information on how and what see the Hyva Docs

This feature is supported since Hyva v1.1.12

Other icon packs for Hyva

If you are looking for a Luma based option checkout this icon pack instead.

Icon License

Lucide Icons used in this module were created by Lucide Contributors under a ISC License, found here