This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the websightnl/gearman package instead.

PHP library for dispatching, handling and managing Gearman Workers

v1.1.3 2021-06-16 18:59 UTC

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PHP library for dispatching, handling and managing Gearman Workers

Todo: Add support for tasks, only jobs are handled right now.
Todo: Tests are working but could cover more.

Table Of Content

  1. Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Config
  4. Bootstrap
  5. Job example
  6. Dispatcher usage
  7. Start workers daemon
  8. Usage with Supervisor


This library uses PHP 5.4+, PECL Gearman and Gearman 1.0+.


It is recommended that you install the Gearman library through composer. To do so, add the following lines to your composer.json file.

    "require": {
       "websightnl/gearman": "~1.0"


The library uses a Config class to share configuration between classes.


use Sinergi\Gearman\Config;

$config = (new Config())
    ->addServer('', 4730)

Example using array

Alternatively, you can setup the config with an array.

use Sinergi\Gearman\Config;

$config = new Config([
    'servers' => ['', ''],
    'user' => 'apache'


  • string server
    The Gearman Server (E.G.

  • array servers
    Pool of Gearman Servers.

  • string bootstrap
    Path to the bootstrap file.

  • string class
    Fully qualified name of the bootstrap class, the class needs to implement the Sinergi\Gearman\BootstrapInterface interface.

  • array env_variables
    Environment variables you want to send to your bootstrap.

  • string user
    The user under which the Gearman Workers will run (E.G. apache).

  • bool auto_update
    Use for development only, automatically updates workers before doing a job or task.

  • string pidFilename
    Change the filename of the created PID file (defaults to The file is always created in the system temp path.

  • string lockFilename
    Change the filename of the created lock file (defaults to gearmanhandler.lock). The file is always created in the system temp path.

  • int loopTimeout
    Change the time (in milliseconds) between pinging the Gearman server. Defaults to the low value of 10 milliseconds, for legacy reasons. Change this value if you experience high load on your Gearman server!


File /path/to/your/bootstrap.php

use Sinergi\Gearman\BootstrapInterface;
use Sinergi\Gearman\Application;

class MyBootstrap implements BootstrapInterface
    public function run(Application $application)
        $application->add(new JobExample());

Job example

use Sinergi\Gearman\JobInterface;
use GearmanJob;

class JobExample implements JobInterface
    public function getName()
        return 'JobExample';

    public function execute(GearmanJob $job)
        // Do something

Dispatcher usage

To send tasks and jobs to the Workers, use the Dispatcher like this:

use Sinergi\Gearman\Dispatcher;

$dispatcher = new Dispatcher($config);
$dispatcher->execute('JobExample', ['data' => 'value']);

Start workers daemon

Starts the Workers as a daemon. You can use something like supervisor to make sure the Workers are always running. You can use the same parameters as in the config.

Single server

php vendor/bin/gearman start --bootstrap="/path/to/your/bootstrap.php" --class="MyBootstrap" --server=""

Multiple servers

php vendor/bin/gearman start --bootstrap="/path/to/your/bootstrap.php" --class="MyBootstrap" --servers=","

List of commands

  • start
  • stop
  • restart

Usage with Supervisor

This is an example of a Supervisor configuration. Add it to your Supervisor configuration file (E.G. /etc/supervisord.conf).

command=php /path/to/vendor/bin/gearman start --daemon=false