Fallback ViewHelper for images

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Last update: 2021-12-22 20:49:34 UTC


This extension provides a simple ViewHelper to check if an image exists.

I created it as a little helper for my own extension development, but you can also use it for your projects, e.g. to check image paths from fields of your own extensions and output a placeholder if necessary. See the easiest way to use it:

{namespace fallback=SIMONKOEHLER\Fallback\ViewHelpers}
<f:image src="{fallback:image(url:'fileadmin/my-correct-imagepath.jpg')}" maxWidth="800" />

Important note

This works only when you use the "src" attribute of the TYPO3 <f:image> Viewhelper and a relative path from your TYPO3 root directory! See example below.

What does it do?

The ViewHelper checks whether the image is available and then outputs a placeholder. The placeholder image can be predefined using the ViewHelper attribute "placeholder", otherwise an image supplied by the extension with the dimensions 800x600 pixels is displayed.


You only need to install the extension. No configuration or TypoScript is needed!

Example usage

{namespace fallback=SIMONKOEHLER\Fallback\ViewHelpers}

<!-- Only the standard placeholder is output here. Also works well as a "helper" for extension development. -->
<f:image src="{fallback:image()}" maxWidth="800" />

<!-- Image not available: The standard placeholder is output here. -->
<f:image src="{fallback:image(url:'fileadmin/my-wrong-imagepath.jpg')}" />

<!-- Image not available with placeholder: The predefined placeholder is output here. -->
<f:image src="{fallback:image(url:'fileadmin/my-wrong-imagepath.jpg', placeholder:'fileadmin/custom-placeholder.jpg')}" />

<!-- Image available with placeholder: Here the image is output as desired. -->
<f:image src="{fallback:image(url:'fileadmin/my-correct-imagepath.jpg', placeholder:'fileadmin/custom-placeholder.jpg')}" />

<!-- Normal usage as a TAG instead of inline: Simply returns the URL -->
<fallback:image url="fileadmin/my-correct-imagepath.jpg" placeholder="fileadmin/custom-placeholder.jpg" />

The placeholder image

alt text

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