Connects your project to Ensemble

v2.0.1 2020-05-03 23:16 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-04 03:17:08 UTC


Adds a public endpoint to your application that Ensemble can periodically request for information about your Composer packages.

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  • An Ensemble account (completely free!)
  • Laravel 7+
  • PHP 7+

Security, Privacy & Performance

To protect your application, we encrypt the information about your packages using a unique, private key that is given to you when you set up your app in Ensemble.

This means, even if your app is only accessible via HTTP, it will be very hard for a third party to discover what packages it depends on.


If you feel that the key is compromised, you will be able to generate a new one easily.

Also, even though the endpoint is public, it requires a special kind of POST containing an encrypted payload (also using the pre-shared private key), to make sure only Ensemble can request the encrypted data about your packages.

And if someone does discover the payload, it has a time limit so it can only be used for a short time (usually less than a minute).

Further, to stop even Ensemble causing you problems, this plugin caches the response before sending it back. This cache lasts for 60 minutes by default (configurable, see below). This helps prevent Ensemble from abusing your app/server resources, either inadvertently or in the unlikely event of a security breach.

If you disable Ensemble or we have any problems communicating with your app multiple times in a row, we'll stop trying until you tell us otherwise.


$ composer require simonhamp/ensemble-plugin

This will install the latest version of the plugin. You can install earlier versions that will support Laravel 5.5+, but I highly recommend that you upgrade your app to the latest version of Laravel.

NB: This package currently only supports Laravel. If you'd like to use Ensemble with another framework, please raise an issue


Add the following to your .env:

# Required config
ENSEMBLE_PRIVATE_KEY=#The key provided when creating your app in Ensemble#

# Optional config
ENSEMBLE_ENDPOINT=#The URL we'll use to communicate with your app. Default: /ensemble#
ENSEMBLE_CACHE_TTL=#The cache life in minute. Default: 60#