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1.1.0 2018-06-12 11:29 UTC

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Provides a sitemap page for SilverWare apps.




Installation is via Composer:

$ composer require silverware/sitemap


After installing the module, a SitemapPage will become available in the CMS. By default, the sitemap page will show a tree of all pages in your site tree that are flagged as shown in menus.

On the Styles tab for the page, you can choose the font icon to use for links. On the Options tab, you may customise the sitemap mode by choosing from the following options:

  • All
  • Children
  • Selected

The 'All' mode (default) shows all navigable pages in your site tree. The 'Children' mode will show the child pages of the page you select from the field that appears. The 'Selected' mode will show only those pages you select from the field that appears.

On the Options tab you may also choose whether to show the page name or navigation label for both the link text, and the title popup for each link.


Please use the issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests.


Your contributions are gladly welcomed to help make this project better. Please see contributing for more information.


Colin Tucker Praxis Interactive
Colin Tucker Praxis Interactive


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