Generates a security and access report for CMS users

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2.5.0 2022-04-26 05:57 UTC


CI Silverstripe supported module

This module adds a "Users, Groups and Permissions" report in the CMS, so that an administrator can get a quick overview of who has access to the CMS.


  • Silverstripe 4.0+

Note: For Silverstripe 3.x, please use the 1.x release line.


To install run composer require silverstripe/securityreport.

Subsites Support

If the Subsites module is installed then an additional column will be added, allowing you to see which subsites this user can edit pages on.

To edit the permission to check for when filtering these subsites, you can update the Member.subsite_description_permission config to any other permission. By default this is set to SITETREE_EDIT_ALL.