SilverStripe now has tentative support for PostgreSQL ('Postgres')

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3.0.0 2023-06-29 21:37 UTC


CI Silverstripe supported module


composer require silverstripe/postgresql


Environment file

Add the following settings to your .env file:


See environment variables for more details. Note that a database will automatically be created via dev/build.

Through the installer

Open the installer by browsing to install.php, e.g. http://localhost/install.php Select PostgreSQL in the database list and enter your database details

Usage Overview

See docs/en for more information about configuring the module.

Known issues

All column and table names must be double-quoted. PostgreSQL automatically lower-cases columns, and your queries will fail if you don't.

Collations have known issues when installed on Alpine, MacOS X and BSD derivatives (see PostgreSQL FAQ). We do not support such installations, although they still may work correctly for you. As a workaround for PostgreSQL 10+ you could manually switch to ICU collations (e.g. und-x-icu). There are no known workarounds for PostgreSQL <10.

Ts_vector columns are not automatically detected by the built-in search filters. That means if you're doing a search through the CMS on a ModelAdmin object, it will use LIKE queries which are very slow. If you're writing your own front-end search system, you can specify the columns to use for search purposes, and you get the full benefits of T-Search.

If you are using unsupported modules, there may be instances of MySQL-specific SQL queries which will need to be made database-agnostic where possible.