A collection of templates for the CMS login screens

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CI Silverstripe supported module


The Silverstripe Login Forms module provides templates for the login screen.

Silverstripe CMS defaults to using the standard template for login forms, and is usually customised through the Layout/ template. This module overrides any template or theme inheritance, and uses its own template, in order to provide consistent styling and behaviour that's independent from the specifics in your project. This enables more sophisticated login styling, such as multi-factor authentication through silverstripe/mfa.

Login forms installed in the CMS


composer require silverstripe/login-forms


Customising your brand

Even though this template is generic, it's often a good idea to add your own logo in order to make your login forms more recognisable for your users. This can also help to prevent generic phishing attempts.

Define an app/templates/Includes/ template and add your own logo. Example:

<img class="app-brand__logo" src="logo.png" alt="$SiteConfig.Title" />

Replacing templates

In the unlikely case that you want to re-introduce some customisations into this new template, you can give priority to your own project templates ($default), or your theme templates.

  - '#login-forms'
    - '$default'
    - 'mytheme'

Caution: Replacing the template is not recommended, since it might change in the future.

Dark mode

The login form includes a dark mode by default for users who prefer it. However, if your site is not designed for dark mode yet, you can disable this functionality by disabling it in your yaml configuration:

  enable_dark_mode: false


Contributions are welcome! Create an issue, explaining a bug or propose development ideas. Find more information on contributing in the Silverstripe CMS developer documentation.

Reporting Issues

Please create an issue for any bugs you've found, or features you're missing.