Provides an interface to Graphite in the Deploynaut dashboard.

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2.0.3 2017-09-12 23:27 UTC

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This module is designed to integrated Graphite and Deploynaut to surface some server metrics to the client.

First, you'll need to add an _ss_environment.php variable like so:


Then, define the metric through model admin. You can then define a metric set by adding metrics to it. Assign a metric set to an environment and enable the ability to see the metrics, and there you go!

Here are some default queries to add in:

Load Average

alias(avg(server.{cluster}.{stack}.{env}.web.*.loadavg.1min),'Load Average')

Number of Webservers


Average Response Time

alias(maxSeries(server.{cluster}.{stack}.{env}.web.*.apache.mysite.request.time_95),'95th Percentile');alias(averageSeries(server.{cluster}.{stack}.{env}.web.*.apache.mysite.request.time_95),'Average')

Requests Per Minute

alias(sumSeries(server.{cluster}.{stack}.{env}.web.*.apache.mysite.request.req_per_min),'Apache (Dynamic)');alias(sumSeries(server.{cluster}.{stack}.{env}.web.*.nginx.mysite.request.req_per_min),'Nginx (Static)')