This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the symbiote/silverstripe-memberprofiles package instead.

Member registration and profile management

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4.0.6 2020-06-01 06:10 UTC


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A new page type is added in the CMS called a "Member Profile Page". This allows you to create a page that allows users to register and/or manage their profile.

Registration can be enabled or disabled in the "Behaviour" tab.

Composer Install

SilverStripe 4.0+

composer require symbiote/silverstripe-memberprofiles:~4.0

SilverStripe 3.1+

composer require symbiote/silverstripe-memberprofiles:~2.0


  • PHP 7.0+ (PHP 5.6 not supported due to: Issue #141)
  • SilverStripe 4.0+



  • AJ Short, for writing this module to begin with, in the SilverStripe 2.X era.
  • Shea Dawson, for their SS4 upgrade effort
  • JorisDebonnet, for their additional SS4 upgrade improvements.