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Easily provide front-end sorting controls for SilverStripe lists

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A front-end control for sorting SilverStripe lists easily. The aim of this module is to make sorting lists as simple as it is to use PaginatedList.


  • SilverStripe 4+


There are a few ways you can define sort options within an array.

Make a public function on your controller:

function getSorter(){
	$sorts = [
		'Title', //DB field name only
		'Popularity' => 'Popularity DESC', //map title to sort sql
		'Price' => array('BasePrice' => 'ASC'), //map title to data list sort
		ListSorter_Option::create('Age', 'Created DESC', //object
			new ListSorter_Option('Age', array('Created' => 'ASC')) //reverse
	return new ListSorter($this->request,$sorts);

Call that function when updating your list:

public function getSortableChildren() {
	$list = $this->Children();
	$list = $this->getSorter()->sortList($list);
	return $list;

Use my template or roll your own.

<% include Sorter %>
<% loop SortableChildren %>
<% end_loop %>